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WorldCup start in Asia FirstTime

 We Long waiting, Korea-Japan WorldCup is now Start.
Opening Match is France vs Senegal.

2000Year News

Kazu deside to transfer to Kyoto

Kazu(Miura Kazuyoshi) go to Kyoto PurpleSanga(J-Reague) form Zagreb(Croatia Reague). he is now, Out of Japan selection.

Olympic qualify is start

Japan 13-0 Philippines

Nanami transfer Venezia

Nanami is one of the greatest MF in Japan, as well as Nakata. He decided to go to Venezia(Serie A).I think he will achive succese in Italy.

World Youth, final

Spain 4-0 Japan

Ono cannot play this game becouse judgeman presented yellow card to him at semi-final. Japan was lost, but Most Great Result Japan Footbool history. (Mexico Olympic 3rd)

Glen Hoddle was Fired

Glen Hoddle(England Coach) was discharged, because of English newspaper wrote his comment which contempt physical challenger.

Kazu transfer

Kazu(Miura Kazuyoshi) decide to go to Zagreb in Croatia Reague. Zagreb is most strong team in croatia and has Ladic and Prosinecki(Croatia National team Member)

Perugia will come Japan in June

Perugia(Serie A team) have a plan, 2 Match in Japan(Tokyo and Osaka). But Nakata is absent from this match because of a Olympic member.

Italy 100year selemony Mutch

Italy 6-2 World selection
Chiesa did hat trick. Italy won. Nakata play only second harf and no-goals.

Dunga leave for J-Reague

Dunga who is Brasil national team captain leave his team(Jubilo Iwata). he didn't agree with Money He wanted. hehas many offer form Brasil and Europe.

Jorginho leave

Jorginho leave Kashima Antlers. he was selection of Brasil team to World Cup in America(1994).

Yokohama Flugels become extinction

Yokohama Flugels, One of the most oldest team in J-Reague, die out. this team had 2 main sponsor, Sato-Kogyo and ANA. Sato-Kogyo's business is getting poor, and decide stoping sponsord. Yokohama Flugels was takeover Yokohama Marinos(J-Reage team)

Perugia draw

Sampdoria 1-1 Perugia.

Nakata made two goals from Juventus

Perugia 3-4 Juventus. Juventus is one of the most strong team in the world. but Perugia drove Juve into a corner. Everyone say, Nakata is grate!!

Next match of Japanese selection is Egypt

JFA (Japan Football Assosiation) announce to next match of Japanese selection. 10/28 Japan - Egypt at Osaka Nagai stadium.

Perugia lose SerieC team

This second match, Nakata was absent from the match because of trade problem.Perugia, SerieA team drow C.D.SANGRO, SerieC team 1-1. Perugia lose first match, perugia defeated copa de Italia.

Philippe Troussier hold a press conference

Philippe Troussier who is candidate of next Japan selection coach told Japan team impression."There is possibility. but lack of experience"

Nakata speak wild word

SerieA player, Nakata Hidetoshi use violent language "You'er in my way,insect." to the press. Nakata hate the press because they use violent language at a media, TV, Newspaper and so on.
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