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A. J. Holt yCatch Me z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
A. J. Quinnell yMan on Fire z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Perfect Kill z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yThe Mahdi z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yIn the Name of the Father z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Blue Ring z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
ySnap Shot z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yMessage from Hell z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Abir Mukherjee yA Rising Man z:
Adrian Mathews yVienna Blood z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Adrian McKinty yDead I Well May Be z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Alafair Burke yMissing Justice z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Alan Bradley yThe Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yI am Half-Sick of Shadows z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Alan Furst yDark Voyage z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yMission to Paris z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Alex Berenson yThe Faithful Spy z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Silent Man z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Alex Grecian yThe Black Country z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Alex Marwood yThe Wicked Girls z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Alexander McCall Smith yThe No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yMorality of Beautiful Girls z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Alexandra Sokoloff yBlood Moon z:2016”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yCold Moon z:2016”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yBitter Moon z:2017”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yHunger Moon z:2018”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yHuntress Moon z:2015”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Alice Blanchard yDarkness Peering z:2009”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Alice Sebold yThe Lovely Bones z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Amy Tan yThe Hundred Secret Senses z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Andrea Camilleri yThe Terracotta Dog z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Snack Thief z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Voice of The Violin z:2011”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Andrew Gross yThe Blue Zone z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Dark Tide z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Andrew Klavan yTrue Crime z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Uncanny z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yHunting Down Amanda z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yAgnes Mallory z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yDon't Say A Word z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yCorruption z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Andrew Pyper yThe Demonologist z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Andrew Taylor yCall the Dying z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Andy McNab yCrisis Four z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Anita Shreve yThe Pilot's Wife z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Ann Cleeves yRaven Black z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yRed Bones z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Ann Patchett yBel Canto z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Anne Holt yBlind Goddess z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
y1222 z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yFear Not z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Anthony Bidulka ySet Free z:2017”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Anthony Bourdain yKitchen Confidential z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Anthony Horowitz yThe House of Silk z:2015”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Anya Lipska yWhere the Devil Can't Go z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Arnaldur Indridason yHypothermia z:2017”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yJar City z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
ySilence of the Grave z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yVoices z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yStrange Shore z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Arne Dahl yBad Blood z:2017”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Arron Elkins yOld Bones z:1997”N
Arthur Golden yMemoirs of a Geisha z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Arturo Perez-Reverte yThd Flanders Panel z:2012”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Audrey Niffenegger yThe Time Traveler's Wife z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Author yTitle z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Barbara Nadel yDance with Death z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Barbara Vine yAsta's Book z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
Barry Eisler yRain Fall z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHard Rain z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yRain Storm z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Last Assassin z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Belinda Bauer yBlacklands z:2016”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yFinders Keepers z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Ben H. Winters yThe Last Policeman z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Benjamin Black yThe Black Eyed Blonde z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yChristine Falls z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Bill Fitzhugh yHighway 61 Resurfaced z:2016”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yCross Dressing z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Organ Grinder z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yPest Control z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yFender Benders z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Bill Moody yLooking for Chet Baker z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yShades of Blue z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Boris Akunin yThe Winter Queen z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Brad Meltzer yThe Tenth Justice z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe First Counsel z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Millionaire z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Brad Thor yFull Black z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yTakedown z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Brett Battles yBecoming Quinn z:2016”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Unleashed z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Brian Haig ySecret Sanction z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Bryan Gruley yStarvation Lake z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
C. J. Box yBack of Beyond z:2018”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yOpen Season z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBlue Heaven z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBelow Zero z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThree Weeks to Say Goodbye z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Caleb Carr yThe Alienist z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yKilling Time z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Camila Lackberg yThe Ice Princess z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Camilla Grebe yThe Ice Beneath Her z:2017”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Camilla Lackberg yThe Hidden Child z:2016”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Preacher z:2017”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Lost Boy z:2018”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Campbell Armstrong yHeat z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Carl Hiaasen yLucky You z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yDouble Whammy z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yHoot z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySick Puppy z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yBasket Case z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Carl Hiaasen / Bill Montalbano yA Death in China z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Carlo Lucarelli yAlmost Blue z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Carlos Ruiz Zafon yThe Shadow of the Wind z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Angel's Game z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Prisoner of Heaven z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Carlotte Link yThe Other Child z:2016”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Carol O'Connell yJudas Child z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yMallory's Oracle z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yShell Game z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Caroline Graham yThe Killings of Badger's Drift z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Carsten Stroud yCuba Strait z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBlack Water Transit z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Charles Cumming yThe Trinity Six z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Charles Willeford yThe Blak Mass of Brother Springer z:2017”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Blak Mass of Brother Springer z:2017”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Charlie Lovett yThe Bookman's Tale z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Charlie Newton yCulumet City z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Charlie Stella yShakedown z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Charlotte Carter yRhode Island Red z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yCoq au Vin z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
Chelsea Cain yOne Kick z:2017”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yHeartsick z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yEvil at Heart z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Chirstopher Brookmyre yQuite Ugly One Morning z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Chris Abani yThe Secret History of Las Vegas z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Chris Cleave yThe Other Hand z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yGold z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Chris Niles yGrace Falco z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Chris Pavone yThe Expats z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Chris Ryan yTenth Man Down z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Hit List z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Christopher Brookmyre yBoiling a Frog z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Christopher Priest yThe Prestige z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Christopher Reich yThe Davil's Banker z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Chuck Logan yThe Big Law z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yAfter the Rain z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Clare Francis yBetrayal z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yRed Crystal z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Clive Barker yGalilee z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Cody McFadyen yShadow Man z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Darker Side z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Colin Bateman yDriving Big Davie z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Colin Cotterill yThirty-Three Teeth z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yKilled at the Whim of a Hat z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Colin Dexter yThe Daughter of Cain z:1998”N
Connie Willis yPassage z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Cormac McCarthy yNo Country for Old Men z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Craig Holden yFour Corners of Night z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe River Sorrow z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Jazz Bird z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Craig Russell yBrother Grimm z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
D. W. Buffa yThe Defence z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Judgement z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Dan Brown yAngels and Demons z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Da Vinci Code z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yDeception Point z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Dan Fesperman yThe Small Boat of Great Sollow z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yLie in the Dark z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Dan Mahoney yJustice z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Dan Simmons yHardcase z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yChildren of the Night z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yDarwin's Blade z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yHard Freeze z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Dana Stabenow yFire and Ice z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yA Fatal Thaw z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHunter's Moon z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
Daniel Easterman yThe Final Judgement z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yBrotherhood of the Tomb z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yK is for Killing z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Daniel Silva yThe English Assassin z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Confessor z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Daniel Suarez yDaemon z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yFreedom z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Darian North yViolation z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yCriminal Seduction z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThief of Souls z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Dave Eggers yThe Wild Things z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
David Ambrose yThe Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
David Baldacci yThe Simple Truth z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yAbsolute Power z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Winner z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yWish You Well z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yLast Man Standing z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
David Benioff yThe 25th Hour z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yCity of Thieves z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
David Corbett yThe Devil's Redhead z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
David Ellis yThe Hidden Man z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
David Gordon yThe Serialist z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
David Guterson ySnow Falling on Ceders z:2011”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
David Hewson yThe Lizard's Bite z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
David Hosp yDark Harbour z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
David Hunt yTrick Shot z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Magician's Tale z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yTrick of Light z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
David Ignatius yBody of Lies z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
David Lagercrantz yThe Girl in the Spider's Web z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
David Lawrence yThe Dead Sit Round in a Ring z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yCold Kill z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
David Lindsey yBody of Truth z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yRequiem for Glass Heart z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yAnimosity z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
David Lorne ySight Unseen z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
David McKeowen yGrip z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
David Mitchell yNumber 9 Dream z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
David Morrell yDouble Image z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBlood Oath z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yThe Covenant of The Flame z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
David Peace yNineteen Seventy Seven z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
David Pearce yNineteen Seventy Four z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
David Ramus yThief of Light z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Gravity of Shadows z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
David Rosenfelt yOpen and Shut z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yFirst Degree z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
David Thomas yOstland z:2017”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
David Wolstencroft yGood News Bad News z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yContact_Zero z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Dean Koontz yVelocity z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Deborah Moggach yTulip Fever z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Denise Hamilton ySavage Garden z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Denise Mina yGarnethill z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yExile z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yResolution z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yField of Blood z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe End of Wasp Season z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Dennis Lehane yA Drink before the War z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
ySacred z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yDarkeness, Take My Hand z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yGone, Baby, Gone z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yMystic River z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yPrayers for Rain z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Deon Meyer yCobra z:2017”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yDevile's Peak z:2018”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Derek B. Miller yNorwegian by Night z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Desmond Bagley yThe Vivero Letter z:1984”N
Diane Mott Davidson yCatering to Nobody z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Diane Setterfield yThe Thirteenth Tale z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Dick Francis yProof z:1987”N
Don Lee yCountry of Origin z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Don Winslow yA Cool Breeze of the Underground z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yWay Down on the High Lonely z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Death and Life of Bobby Z z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yA Long Walk up the Water Slide z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yCalfornia Fire • Life z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yWhile Drowning in the Desert z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yIsle of Joy z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Power of the Dog z:2009”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Winter of Frankie Machine z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Dawn Patrol z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySatori z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Gentlemen's Hour z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
ySavages z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Kings of Cool z:2015”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Donald E. Westlake yDon't Ask z:1996”N
yThe Ax z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yPut a Lid on It z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Hook z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yKahawa z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yWhat's So Funny? z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Donald Harstad yCode 61 z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Donald James yMonstrum z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yThe Fortune Teller z:2010”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Fortune Teller z:2010”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Donna Leon yUniform Justice z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yA Sea of Troubles z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Dorothy Sayers yStrong Poison z:1986”N
Douglas Kennedy yThe Big Picture z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
yThe Job z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Pursuit of Happiness z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Duane Swierczynski yThe Blonde z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Eale Stanley Gardner yThe Case of the Long Legged Models z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
yThe Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
yThe Case of the Buried Clock z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Ed Dee y14 Peck Slip z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Ed McBain yDeath of a Nurse z:1977”N
yKillar's Payoff z:1988”N
Eliot Pattison yThe Skull Mantra z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Elizabeth Ferrars yDon't Monkey with Murder z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Elizabeth M. Cosin yZen and the Art of Murder z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Elizabeth Peters yLion in the Valley z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Elmore Leonard yCuba Libre z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
Emma Healey yMy Sister's Grave z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yElizabeth is Missing z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Eric Garcia yAnonymous Rex z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Eric Van Lustbader yThe Bourne Legacy z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Eugene Izzi ySafe Harbor z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Evan Hunter yBlackboard Jungle z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Faye Kellerman yThe Quality of Mercy z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
ySerpent's Tooth z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yStraight into Darkness z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Ferdinand von Schirach yCrime & Guilt z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Frank McCourt yAngela's Ashes z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
y'Tis z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Fred Vargas yThe Chalk Circle Man z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHave Mercy on Us All z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Three Evangelists z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yWash This Blood Clean From My Hand z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Frederic Forsyth yFist of God z:1995”N
G. M. Ford yFury z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBlack River z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yA Blind Eye z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yWho in Hell is Wanda Fuca? z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
G. M. Malliet yPagan Spring z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Gavin Lyall yMidnight Plus One z:1985”N
yFlight From Honour z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Gayle Lynds yMasquerade z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Gene Kerrigan yDark Times in the City z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Rage z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Gene Riehl yQuantico Rules z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Geoffrey Jenkins yA Hive of Dead Men z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
George P. Pelecanos yThe Sweet Forever z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
yA Firing Offence z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yHell to Pay z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
George Pelecanos yKing Suckerman z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Gerald Seymour yA Line in the Sand z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Giles Blunt yThe Delicate Storm z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yForty Words for Sorrow z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yBlackfly Season z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Gillian Flynn ySharp Objects z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yDark Places z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yGone Girl z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Gordon Stevens yKara's Game z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yPeace on Earth z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Greg Bear yDarwin's Radio z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Greg Iles yBlack Cross z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
y24 Hours z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yDead Sleep z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Quiet Game z:2011”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Greg Rucka yKeeper z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yFinder z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
ySmoker z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Gregory McDonald yFletch Reflected z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
Hakan Nesser yThe Strangler's Honeymoon z:2016”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBorkmann's Point z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Unlucky Lottery z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yHour of the Wolf z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Hanna Jameson ySomething You Are z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Harlan Coben yOne False Move z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yDeal Breaker z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
yDropshot z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yFade Away z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBackspin z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Final Detail z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yDarkest Fear z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yTell No One z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yGone for Good z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yNo Second Chance z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Harold Robbins yA Stone for Danny Fisher z:1983”N
Helene LaFaro-Fernandez yJade Visions z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Henning Mankell yBefore the Frost z:2016”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yDaniel z:2017”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
ySidetracked z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yFaceless Killers z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Dogs of Riga z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Wihte Lioness z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yOne Step Behind z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yFirewall z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Man from Beijing z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Herbert Lieberman yThe Girl with the Botticelli Eyes z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Herbie Hancock yPossibilities z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Hugh Howey yWool z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Ian McEwan yThe Child in Time z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Ian Rankin yBlack & Blue z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Hanging Garden z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yLet It Bleed z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yDead Souls z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Inger Wolf yUnder A Black Sky z:2017”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yDark September z:2017”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Iris Johansen yLong After Midnight z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yFinal Target z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
J. A. Kerley yBlood Brother z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
J. D. Robb yConspiracy in Death z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
J. F. Powers yMorte D'urban z:1982”N
J. K. Rowling yHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Casual Vacancy z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHarry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Jack Finney yThe Woodrow Wilson Dime z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jack Kerley yThe Hundredth Man z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Jacqueline Winspear yMaisie Dobbs z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jake Arnott ytruecrime z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
James Blish yGalactic Cluster z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
James Byron Hunter yHunter z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
James Carlos Blake yUnder the Skin z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
James Church yA Corpse in the Koryo z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
James Cravel yShogun z:1980”N
James Crumley yThe Final Country z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
James Elliott yCold Cold Heart z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
James Ellroy yHollywood Noctornes z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
James Hadley Chase yThe Whiff of Money z:1978”N
James Lee Burke yCimarron Rose z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yA Stained White Radiance z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
James Long yFerney z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
James Patterson yHide and Seek z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Midnight Club z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yJack & Jill z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
James Rollins yMap of Bones z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
James Sallis yEye of the Cricket z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
James Siegel yDetour z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yDerailed z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
James Swain yGrift Sense z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
ySucker Bet z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yMr. Luck z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
James Thayer yWhite Star z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yTerminal Event z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yFive Past Midnight z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
James Thompson yLucifer's Tears z:2017”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
James W. Hall yRed Sky at Night z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yBlackwater Sound z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jan Burke yRemember Me, Irene z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yBones z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yFlight z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yNine z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Janet Evanovich yThree to Get Deadly z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yOne for the Money z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yFour to Score z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yHigh Five z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Jason Mathews yRed Sparrow z:2016”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Jason Starr yHard Feelings z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jasper Fforde yThe Eyre Affair z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yLost in a Good Book z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe well of Lost Plot z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySomething Rotten z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Jed Rubenfeld yThe Death Instinct z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jeff Abbott yDistant Blood z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yBlack Jack Point z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yCut and Run z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jeff Lindsay yDarkley Dreaming Dexter z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Jefferson Parker yCalifornia Girl z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jeffery Deaver yThe Bone Collector z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
yThe Coffin Dancer z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yA Speaking in Tongues z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Devil's Teardrop z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yBloody River Blues z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Empty Chair z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yPraying for Sleep z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Blue Nowhere z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Stone Monkey z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Vanished Man z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yGarden of Beasts z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yRoadside Crosses z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Jeffrey Archer yThe Eleventh Commandment z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jeremiah Healy yInvasion of Privacy z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
Jeremy Dronfield yThe Locust Firm z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jerome K. Jerome yThree Men in a Boat z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jess Walter yOver Tumbled Graves z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yCitizen Vince z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yLand of The Blind z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jesse Kellerman ySunstroke z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Jill Churchill yAnything Goes z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Jill McGown yThe Other Moman z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Jim Fusilli yTribeca Blues z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHard, Hard City z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Jim Kelly yThe Water Clock z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Fire Baby z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jim Thompson yThe Getaway z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Jo Nesbo yThe Redbreast z:2016”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Redbreast z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Leopard z:2017”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yHeadhunters z:2017”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Devil's Star z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Redeemer z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Snowman z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yPhantom z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Joan Brady yBleed Out z:2011”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Joan Hess yTickled to Death z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
Joe Connelly yBringing Out the Dead z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Joe Gores ySpade and Archer z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Joe Hill yHeart Shaped Box z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yHorns z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Joe R. Lansdale yMucho Mojo z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yBad Chili z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Bottoms z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yA Fine Dark Line z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Johan Theorin yThe Darkest Room z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yEchoes from the Dead z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
John Burdett yBangkok Tattoo z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBangkok Eight z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
John Case yThe Syndrome z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe First Horseman z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Eighth Day z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Genesis Code z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
John Colapinto yAbout The Author z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
John Connolly yEvery Dead Thing z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yDark Hollow z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Black Angel z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
John D. MacDonald yThe Turquoise Lament z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yThe Lonely Silver Rain z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yA Deadly Shde of Gold z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
John Dunning yTwo O'Clock Eastern War Time z:2009”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Bookman's Promise z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Bookwoman's Last Fling z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
John Farrow yCity of Ice z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
John Gilstrap yAt All Cost z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yNathan's Run z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yEven Steven z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yScott Free z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
John Hart yThe King of Lies z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yDown River z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Last Child z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yIron House z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
John Harvey yIn a True Light z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yAsh & Bone z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yFlesh and Blood z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
John J. Nance yThe Last Hostage z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBlackout z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
John Katzenbach yState of Mind z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Analyst z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Shadow Man z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
John Le Carre yThe Naive and Sentimental Lover z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
John Lescroart yThe Hearing z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Hunt Club z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
John Leslie yNight and Day z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yLove for Sale z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yKilling Me Softly z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
John Lutz yThe Night Caller z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yShadowtown z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yFear the Night z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
John R. Maxim yHaven z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Bannerman Solution z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Bannerman Effect z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yTime Out of Mind z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yPlatforms z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBannerman's Law z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
John Ramsey Miller yThe Last Family z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yUpside Down z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
John Sandford ySecret Prey z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
John Saul yBrain Child z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
John T. Lescroart yA Certain Justice z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
John Wain yNuncle and Other Stories z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Jon Evans yInvisible Armies z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Jon Land yThe Council of Ten z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Alpha Deception z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yLabyrinth z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yA Walk in the Darkness z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Walls of Jericho z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Jonas Jonasson yThe Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden z:2016”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Jonathan Kellerman ySurvival of the Fittest z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
Jonathan Letham yGun, with Occasional Music z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
Jonathon King yThe Blue Edge of Midnight z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yA Visible Darkness z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yShadow Men z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Jose Carlos Somoza yThe Art of Murder z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Josef Kanon yLos Alamos z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Joseph Finder yThe Moscow Club z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yHigh Crimes z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yExtraordinary Powers z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yParanoia z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yCompany Man z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Joseph Hansen yA Country of Old Men z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
yFadeout z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
Joseph Kanon yThe Prodigal Spy z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Joseph Wambaugh yHollywood Station z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Josh Bazell yBeat the Reaper z:2010”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Joy Fielding yWhispers and Lies z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yLost z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Juli Zeh yDark Matter z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Julia Spencer-Fleming yA Fountain Filled with Blood z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yAll Mortal Flesh z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Jussi Adler-Olsen yDisgrace z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
K. O. Dahl yThe Fourth Man z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Karen Thopson Walker yThe Age of Miracles z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Karin Alvtegen yMissing z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBetrayal z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySacrifice z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Karin Fossum yHe Who Fears the Wolf z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yCalling Out For You z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yBlack Seconds z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Karin Slaughter yBlindsighted z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yKisscut z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yA Faint Cold Fear z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yFaithless z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Kate Atkinson yStarted Early, Took My Dog z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yCase Histories z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Kate Morton yThe Forgotten Garden z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Secret Keeper z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Kathy Reichs y206 Bones z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Kazuo Ishiguro yWhen We Were Orphans z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yNever Let Me Go z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Keith Baker yEngram z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Keith Lowe yTunnel Vision z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Keith Thomson yOnce a Spy z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Kem Nunn yTapping the Source z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
Ken Bruen yThe Guards z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Killing of the Tinkers z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Ken Bruen•Jason Starr yBust z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Ken Follett yThe Hammer of Eden z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yThe Third Twin z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yCode To Zero z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yJackdaws z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Ken Goddard yDouble Blind z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
Kenneth Goddard yBalefire z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Khaled Hosseini yThe Kite Runner z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Kim Edwards yThe Memory Keeper's Daughter z:2011”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Kjell Eriksson yThe Princess of Burundi z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Laura Hillenbrand ySeabiscuit z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Laura Lippman yCharm City z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yButchers Hill z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yEvery Secret Thing z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Laurent Binet yHHhH z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Laurie Lynn Drummond yAnything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Laurie R. King yA Darker Place z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yNight Work z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Lawrence Block yThe Girl with the Long Green Heart z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yEven the Wicked z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHit List z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Lee Child yDie Trying z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yKilling Floor z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yTripwire z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Visitor z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yWithout Fail z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yRunning Blind z:2004”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Leena Lehtolainen yMy First Murder z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yCopper Heart z:2017”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
ySnow Woman z:2017”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yDeath Spiral z:2017”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yBefore I Go z:2018”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yHer Enemy z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Leif GW. Persson yBetween Summer's Longing and Winter's End z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Leon Uris yQB VII z:1981”N
Lief G.W. Persson yLinda, as in the Linda Murder z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Lilian Jackson Braun yThe Cat Who Played Brahms z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Cat Who Lived High z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Lincoln Child yTerminal Freeze z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Linda Castillo ySworn to Silence z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Linda La Plante yRoyal Heist z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Linda LaPlante yCold Heart z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Linwood Barclay yNo Time for Goodbye z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yToo Close to Home z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yFear the Worst z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yNever Look Away z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Linwood Barklay yTrust Your Eyes z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Accident z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Lisa Black yTakeover z:2012”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Lisa Gardner yHide z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Lisa Reardon yBilly Dead z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Lisa Scottoline yMistaken Identity z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Lisa Unger yFragile z:2017”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBeautiful Lies z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySliver of Truth z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Liza Cody yBucket Nut z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Liza Marklund yLast Will z:2016”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yVanished z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Lorenzo Carcaterra yApaches z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yGangstar z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Lou Berney yThe Long and Faraway Gone z:2017”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Louis Sachar yHoles z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Louise Penny yStill Life z:2007”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Louise Ure yForcing Amaryllis z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
M. C. Beaton yDeath of a Perfect Wife z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
M. J. McGrath yThe Boy in the Snow z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Marcus Sakey yGood People z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yBrilliance z:2015”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Margaret Murphy yThe Dispossessed z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Mark Billingham yLazy Bones z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yIn the Dark z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Mark Gimenez yThe Color of Law z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Mark Greaney yThe Gary Man z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yBack Blast z:2018”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yDead Eye z:2015”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Mark Haddon yThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yA Spot of Bother z:2009”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Mark Mills yThe Whaleboat House z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Mark Spragg yAn Unfinished Life z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Markus Sakey yThe Two Deaths of Daniel Hayes z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Markus Zusak yThe Book Thief z:2011”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Martin Cruz Smith yStallion Gate z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yHavana Bay z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yTokyo Station z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Martin J. Smith yShadow Image z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Martyn Bedford yThe Houdini Girl z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yBlack Cat z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Mary Higgins Clark yPretend You Don't See Her z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yYou Belong To Me z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
Mary Kubica yThe Good Girl z:2017”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Matt Hilton yJudgement and Wrath z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yDead Men's Harvest z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Matthew Klein ySwitchback z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Matthew Quirk yThe 500 z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Matthew Reilly ySeven Deadly Wonders z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yScarecrow z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Max Allan Collins yBlood and Thunder z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yMajic Man z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Max Allan Conllins yStolen Away z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Max Barry yJennifer Government z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Meg Gardiner yChina Lake z:2012”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Megan Abbott yFever z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Melvin Burgess yBloodtide z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yJunk z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Michael Bond yMonsieur Pamplemousse z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Michael Caine yMoving Picture Show z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
Michael Chabon ySummerland z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Michael Connelly yThe Last Coyote z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yBlood Work z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Concrete Blond z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yTrunk Music z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yAngels Flight z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yThe Poet z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yVoid Moon z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yA Darkness More Than Night z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yCity of Bones z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yChasing the Dime z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yEcho Park z:2013”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Brass Verdict z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Michael Cordy yCrime Zero z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Michael Cox yThe Meaning of Night z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Michael Crichton yAirframe z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yTimeline z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Lost World z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Michael Dibdin yRatking z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yDead Lagoon z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Michael Koryta yTonight I Said Goodbye z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
ySo Cold the River z:2013”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Prophet z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Michael Marshall yThe Straw Men z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Lonely Dead z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Michael Marshall Smith ySpares z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yOnly Forward z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Michael Ondaatje yThe Cat's Table z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Michael Palmer yMiracle Cure z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Michael Robotham yLife or Death z:2017”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Suspect z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Michael Sears yMortal Bonds z:2015”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Michael Slade yDeath's Door z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Michael Stanley yDeath of the Mantis z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Michael Z. Lewin yThe Silent Salesman z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Mick Herron yNobody Walks z:2017”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Mike Lawson yThe Inside Ring z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Second Perimeter z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Mike Ripley yAngel Hunt z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Mitch Albom yTuesday with Morrie z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Mitchell Smith ySacrifice z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yReprisal z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yDue North z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Mo Hayder yBirdman z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Mona Simpson yAnywhere but Here z:1994”N
Morag Joss yHalf Broken Things z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Nancy Pickard yGenerous Death z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Naomi Hirahara yGasa-Gasa Girl z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Nele Neuhaus yIce Queen z:2018”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
ySnow White Must Die z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Nelson DeMille yThe General's Daughter z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
ySpencerville z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yPlum Island z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Nicci French yTuesday's Gone z:2016”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yLand of the Living z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBlue Monday z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Nicholas Blincoe yThe Dope Priest z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yManchester Slingback z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Nick Hornby yHigh Fidelity z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yAbout a Boy z:2008”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Nick Stone yMr. Clarinet z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Noah Boyd yLast Chance to Die z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Noah Hawley yBefore the Fall z:2018”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Olen Steinhauer yThe Bridge of Sighs z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Oliver Potzsch yThe Hangman's Daughter z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Orson Scott Card yLost Boys z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yHomebody z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
P. D. James yDeath of a Expert Witness z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yDeath Comes to Pemberley z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
P. G. Wodehouse yThe Inimitable Jeeves z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
P. J. Parrish yIsland of Bones z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Killing Rain z:2017”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yA Killing Rain z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Little Death z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
P. J. Tracy yWant to Play? z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
P. T. Deutermann yTrain Man z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Patricia Cornwell yHornet's Nest z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yUnnatural Exposure z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySouthern Cross z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yBlow Fly z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Patrick deWitt yThe Sisters Brothers z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Patrick Dillon yTruth z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Patrick McGrath ySpider z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Patrick Quinlan ySmoked z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Patrick Ruell yThe Only Game z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
Patrick White yThe Burnt Ones z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Paul Anderson yTime and Stars z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Paul Auster yTimbuktu z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Paul Carson yCold Steel z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Paul Cleave yJoe Victim z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Paul Johnston yThe Blood Tree z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Paula Hawkins yThe Girl on the Train z:2016”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Peter Abrahams yOblivion z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Peter Ackroyd yHawksmoor z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Peter Hoeg yThe Quiet Girl z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Peter May yExtraordinary People z:2016”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yCoffin Road z:
yThe Fourth Sacrifice z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Lewis Man z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Peter Moore Smith yRaveling z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Peter Robinson yAftermath z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yPlaying with Fire z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yFriend of the Devil z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Peter Tasker ySamurai Boogie z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Peter Temple yBroken Shore z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Philip Kerr yEsau z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yA Five Year Plan z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Philip Margolin yWild Justice z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Phillip M. Margolin yThe Burning Man z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Undertaker's Widow z:2003”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Phillip Margolin yThe Last Innocent Man z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yGone, But Not Forgotten z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yAfter Dark z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Pierre Lemaitre yIrene z:2016”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yCamille z:2018”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yAlex z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Qiu Xiaolong yWhen Red is Black z:2013”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
R. Cameron Cooke yPride Runs Deep z:2010”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
R. D. Wingfield yFrost at Christmas z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yA Touch of Frost z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yHard Frost z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yWinter Frost z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
R. J. Ellory yA Quiet Belief in Angels z:2010”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Anniversary Man z:2012”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySaints of New York z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
R. N. Morris yA Gentle Axe z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
R.J. Ellory yBad Signs z:2016”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Rankin Davis yHung Jury z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Ray Bradbury yR is for Rocket z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Raymond Chandler yFarewell My Lovely z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Reginald Hill yOn Beulah Height z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yRecall To Life z:2004”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Rennie Airth yRiver of Darkness z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Richard Kuntzmann yBloody Harvests z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Richard Montanari yThe Rosary Girls z:2010”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Richard North Patterson ySilent Witness z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Richard Price yFreedomland z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Rick Boyer yBillingsgate Shoal z:2008”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Rick Mofina yEvery Fear z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Rick Riordan yThe Widower's Two-Step z:2000”N‚VŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yBig Red Tequila z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
Ridley Pearson yBeyond Recognition z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yThe First Victim z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yParallel Lies z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Pied Piper z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yMiddle of Nowhere z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Rob Kean yThe Pledge z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Rob Ryan yUnderdogs z:2002”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yNine Mil z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Robeert Jackson Bennett yThe Company Man z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Robert Crais yThe Monkey's Raincoat z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
ySunset Express z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yFree Fall z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yHostage z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yVoodoo River z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yL.A. Requiem z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yDemolition Angel z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Last Detective z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Forgotten Man z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Robert Dugoni yThe 7th Canon z:2017”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yHer Final Breath z:2017”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yInThe Clearing z:2018”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Robert Ellis yCity of Fire z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Lost Witness z:2013”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Robert Ferrigno yDead Silent z:2000”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yHeart Breaker z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yScavenger Hunt z:2011”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Robert Galbraith yThe Cuckoo's Calling z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Robert Goddard yPainting the Darkness z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yBeyond Recall z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yInto the Blue z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yCaught in the Light z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yIn Pale Battalions z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yBorrowed Time z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yOut of the Sun z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySet in Stone z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Robert Harris yArchangel z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Robert J. Sawyer yIllegal Alien z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Robert Kurson yShadow Divers z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Robert Ludlum yThe Bourne Ultimatum z:1992”N
yThe Cry of Halidon z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Robert Mawson yThe Lazarus Child z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Robert McCammon ySpeaks The Nightbird I, II z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Robert Sheckley yJourney Beyond Tomorrow z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Robert Silverberg yDimension Thirteen z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
Robert Wilson yA Small Death in Lisbon z:2014”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Robin Moore yThe Family Man z:1989”N
Rogger Hobbs yGhostman z:2017”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Rosamund Lupton ySister z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yAfterwards z:2014”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Roslund & Hellstrom yThree Seconds z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yCell 8 z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Ross MacDonald yThe Barbarous Coast z:1976”NˆÈ‘O
yThe Goodbye Look z:1979”N
Ross Thomas yThe Singapore Wink z:1990”N
Russell Andrews yAphrodite z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yGideon z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Ruth Birmingham yFulton County Blues z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yCold Trail z:2005”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
S. J. Bolton yNow You See Me z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
S. J. Rozan yA Bitter Feast z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yConcourse z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yWinter and Night z:2005”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
S. J. Watson ySecond Life z:2017”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Sam and Bettina Giancana y30 Seconds z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Sara Gruen yWater for Elephants z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Sara J. Henry yLearning to Swim z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Sara Waters yAffinity z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yFingersmith z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Sarah Dunant yFatlands z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Scott Frost yRun the Risk z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Scott Smith yThe Ruins z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Seamus Smyth yQuinn z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Sebastian Fitzek yTherapy z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Eye Collector z:2015”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Simon Beckett yThe Chemistry of Death z:2011”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Simon Kernick yThe Crime Trade z:2018”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Murder Exchange z:2010”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yA Good Day to Die z:2013”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySiege z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Simon Lewis yGo z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Simon Shaw yBloody Instructions z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
Spencer Quinn yDog On It z:2017”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Steig Larsson yThe Girl with the Dragon Tatto z:2009”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Girl Who Played with Fire z:2010”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Stella Cameron yKiss Them Goodbye z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Stella Rimington yAt Risk z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Stephen Booth yOne Last Breath z:2006”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Stephen Coonts yFortunes of War z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Stephen Dobyns yBoy in the Water z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
ySaratoga Longshot z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Church of Dead Girls z:2009”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Stephen Fry yThe Liar z:1993”N
Stephen Horn yIn Her Defence z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Stephen Hunter yBlack Light z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Second Saladin z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yPoint of Impact z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yTime to Hunt z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yHot Spring z:2006”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yPale Horse Coming z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yHavana z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Stephen J. Cannell yRiding the Snake z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Devil's Workshop z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Tin Collectors z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yCold Hit z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Stephen King yThe Dark Half z:1991”N
yFour Past Midnight z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yThe Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Stephen Leather ySoft Target z:2008”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yCold Kill z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yHard Landing z:2014”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Stephen White yMissing Persons z:2011”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Steve Berry yThe Third Secret z:2007”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yThe Templar Legacy z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Steve Hamilton yA Cold Day in Paradise z:2001”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yWinter of Wolf Moon z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Hunting Wind z:2005”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yNorth of Nowhere z:2007”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yA Stolen Season z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Lock Artist z:2014”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Steve Martini yPrime Witness z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yUndue Influence z:2004”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yThe Jury z:2006”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yDouble Tap z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Arraignment z:2011”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Steve Thayer yThe Weatherman z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
Steven Bochco yDeath by Hollywood z:2006”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Steven Greenleaf yDeath Bed z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Steven Torres yPrecinct Puerto Rico z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Stieg Larsson yThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest z:2010”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Stuart MacBride yCold Granite z:2008”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yDying Light z:2012”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Stuart Woods yImperfect Strangers z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
Sue Henry ySleeping Lady z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Sujata Massey yZen Attitude z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Flower Master z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Susanna Jones yThe Earthquake Bird z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yWater Lily z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
T. J. MacGregor yOut of Sight z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
T. Jefferson Parker yWhere Serpents Lie z:2000”N‚RŒŽ`‚SŒŽ
yThe Triggerman's Dance z:2002”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
ySilent Joe z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yThe Blue Hour z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yRed Light z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yBlack Water z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
Tami Hoag yStill Waters z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yA Thin Dark Line z:2009”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Ted Dekker yBone Man's Daughters z:2016”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Tess Gerritsen yThe Silent Girl z:2014”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Theodore Roszak yFlicker z:1999”N‚TŒŽ‚©‚ç7ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
Thomas H. Cook yChatham School Affair z:1999”N1ŒŽ‚©‚ç4ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yEvidence of Blood z:1999”N‚P‚OŒŽ‚©‚ç12ŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yInstruments of Night z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yBreakheart Hill z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yMortal Memory z:2002”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yPlaces in the Dark z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Interrogation z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Thomas Harris yHannibal z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Thomas Perry yVanishing Act z:2001”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Face Changers z:2003”N1ŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yDance for the Dead z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yBlood Money z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Thomas Swan yCe'zanne Chase z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Thomas W. Young yThe Mullah's Storm z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Tim Cockey yMurder in the Hearse Degree z:.2004”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Tom Cain yThe Accident Man z:2009”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Tom Rob Smith yChild 44 z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yThe Secret Speech z:2012”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yAgent 6 z:2015”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThe Farm z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Tom Savage yValentine z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Tony Black yPaying for It z:2012”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Trevanian yIncident at Twenty-Nine z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Val McDermid yBooked for Murder z:2000”N‚PŒŽ`‚QŒŽ
yThe Mermaids Singing z:2001”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yA Place of Execution z:2001”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yCrackdown z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Vera Cork yThorn z:2008”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
Veveca Sten yStill Waters z:2015”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Victor Canning yThe Scorpio Letters z:1976”N
Vince Flynn ySeparation of Power z:2003”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Vincent Zandri yThe Innocent z:2018”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yThe Remains z:2018”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yMoonlight Rises z:
yMoonlight Falls z:
yGodchild z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Viveca Sten yClosed Circles z:2016”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yGuiltless z:2017”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yTonight You're Dead z:2018”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Walter Mosley yDevil in a Blue Dress z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yBlue Light z:2002”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
Walter Satterthwait yA Flower in the Desert z:2008”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
Wendy Hornby y‚V‚Vth Street Requiem z:2007”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
William Bernhardt yExtreme Justice z:1999”N‚WŒŽ‚©‚ç‚XŒŽ‚Ü‚Å
yDark Justice z:2000”N‚TŒŽ`‚UŒŽ
yDouble Jeopardy z:2000”N‚XŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yPrimary Justice z:2001”N7ŒŽ`‚WŒŽ
yDeadly Justice z:2002”N1ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yCruel Justice z:2003”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
yPerfect Justice z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yNaked Justice z:2004”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
ySilent Justice z:2005”N11ŒŽ`12ŒŽ
yMurder One z:2007”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yFinal Round z:2009”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yCriminal Intent z:2010”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
William Diehl yReign in Hell z:2003”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yThai Horse z:2006”N9ŒŽ`10ŒŽ
yEureka z:2011”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
William Kent Krueger yBoundary Waters z:2006”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yBlood Hollow z:2013”N7ŒŽ`8ŒŽ
William Landay yDefending Jacob z:2016”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yMission Flats z:2005”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yThe Strangler z:2009”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
William Lashner yFatal Flaw z:2007”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yFalls the Shadow z:2010”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Yann Martel yLife of Pi z:2004”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Yrsa Sigurdardottir yThe Silence of the Sea z:2017”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
yAshes to Dust z:2014”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yLast Rituals z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
Zachary Alan Fox yCradle and All z:2001”N5ŒŽ`6ŒŽ
yAll Fall Down z:2003”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ
yWhen The Wind Blows z:2005”N1ŒŽ`2ŒŽ
Zoran Drvenkar ySorry z:2015”N3ŒŽ`4ŒŽ