Antique Bicycle Gallery

Part 3

It is Ordinary with Morimura brothers. 1893 years. Morimura brothers cycled Tokaido with this bicycle.
This bicycle is made of America.

It is in March, 1878. A large bicycle for transport that Torajirou produced.

The first Fuji mountain climbing by a bicycle. It is in August, 1900.

NISIKIE.Edo bridge of the stone make that was applied newly. A domestic production Boneshaker type bicycle is depicted faithfully. About 1877 years.

NISIKIE. Kunimasa, Kunisada were a picture. "Various car that does traffic " 1870 years. A various bicycle is depicted.

A newspaper advertisement of the trading company that was in Yokohama settlement. Tokyo Yokohama Mainiti newspaper dated February 1, 1881.

Antique Bicycle Gallery

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