Antique Bicycle Gallery

Part 5

NISIKIE,"Atooshi Jitensya",Bicycles of five wheels. Two rides.There is the influence of The Rantoone. 1870.

Railroad bicycle.Jinnosuke Kajino planned a bicycle railroad. This plan did not materialize. This railroad bicycle does not understand even structure. This plan, is placed in the newspaper dated August, 1889.

The picture of China. About 1900 years. The bicycle that runs the town of Shanghai.

TEIKOKU bicycle production factory.Tyouya Newspaper advertisement. ,January 7, 1888 dated .It is an old maker of Japan.

HIKIFUDA. About 1920.HIKIFUDA is the leaflet for an advertisement. Two wing airplanes and an automobile are depicted other than a bicycle. These are a modern vehicle.
HIKIFUDA was printed many for about 1920 years, from about 1900.

Antique Bicycle Gallery

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