Antique Bicycle Gallery

Part 4

Yokohama, Kajino bicycle production company. Inauguration 1879 years. This photograph be a thing of around 1908. Japan the first bicycle maker.

It is issue on June 10, 1893 "FUZOKU GAHOU". The illustration that depicted an army large exercise that enforced it in Utsunomiya in 1892.It is written to a picture with the bicycle correspondent.

NISIKIE. Two youths that cycle surroundings of Tokyo, Ueno Sinobazu pond. About 1902 years.

NISIKIE. This picture depicted Yokohama port. 1891 years.

It is the bicycle that is conveyed that MIYATA gun production company experimentally produced for the first time. About 1892 years.

Tokyo Asahi newspaper dated August 2, 1894. A newspaper advertisement that MIYATA, celebrates the bicycle production first anniversary.

Antique Bicycle Gallery

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